Land & Planning


Eliot Design & Build (ED&B) has a wealth of experience in negotiating the acquisition of development land and redundant ‘brownfield’ sites throughout the south west.

From greenfield rural ‘exceptions’ sites through to former petrol filling stations or derelict factory units, we have the expertise to value your site with or without planning permission. More often than not we will guide you through the valuation process and explain how we arrive at the ‘residual land value’. We also recommend that you obtain independent specialist advice from a Qualified Valuer or Chartered Surveyor and we also highlight the timescales and likelihood of our achieving a successful outcome at planning.

Land value, can obviously vary quite considerably depending on the site location and specific constraints but in all cases we try to offer a fair maximised value.

We are constantly looking out for development opportunities and if you have a development site that you think may be of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Tel: 01752 225924


In many cases, Affordable Housing is provided through planning obligations (Section 106 Legal Agreements between the Landowner/Developer/Local Authority) as a minimum percentage of the overall development. This ‘integration’ tends to work well on the larger sites but more often than not smaller sites are driven by the specific needs of local communities, where type, size, tenure and demand are key.

Here at Eliot Design & Build (ED&B) we understand the overall Planning process and we work closely with local communities and local Planning Authorities to assist in the delivery of quality, affordable schemes. All local authorities are obliged to have “Planning Frameworks” in compliance with the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) and in particular, Cornwall and others are setting about issuing specific guidance to landowners and developers in the form of an “Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document” (SPD).

This SPD can often be seen as a complex document and much remains open to interpretation.

Eliot Design & Build (ED&B) together with our planning professionals look at the most cost effective options and manage this whole process from inception to completion on behalf of all landowners and stakeholders.