Plymouth City Council

Maidstone place site layout

Further Details

Development: Maidstone Place, Plymouth

Terms of Contract: JCT Small Works

Client: Plymouth City Council

Architect: Mitchell Architects

Engineer: Airey & Coles

Planning Consultant: n/a

Contract Administrator: Portfolio Transformation – PCC

Principal Designer: Mitchell Architects

Project Description

Following the recent drive by central governments to provide additional affordable housing, Plymouth City Council embarked on a variety of pilot self-build projects to provide fully serviced self-build plots to local people.

In order to facilitate the above, ED&B were commissioned to carry out the initial enabling works package which compromised the demolition of the existing garages and redundant gas governor building together with the widening of the existing access road and the connection of all new services to serve the individual plots.

The project called for careful co-ordination with all of the existing residents along the access road in order to minimise disruption.