Sustainable Development


Eliot Design & Build ensure that we carry out all of our activities in the most responsible way possible from an environmental, economic and social point of view. It is our belief that where possible we will aim for all of our projects to be environmentally efficient via the careful use of recycled materials and sourcing of sustainable products from local companies and organisations.
We also understand the importance of making sure our developments are sensitively incorporated into the local community and that they will form part of a pleasant and welcoming environment for many years to come. By carefully designing our developments from an occupier’s point of view, we create functional, happy spaces for people to live in which blend seamlessly into the local environment.

In short, we aim to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own social and environmental needs.


It is our thorough knowledge of the affordable housing sector that enables us to fully understand the key factors in delivering quality affordable housing throughout the south west.


It is our ability to maximise developments through sensitive planning gain and apply rigorous value engineering strategies that defines all of our developments


Eliot Design & Build Ltd (ED&B) is proud to be an Equal Opportunities Employer. The Company is committed to identifying and eliminating unlawful discriminatory practices, procedures and attitudes throughout the Company.

The Company expects employees to support this commitment and to assist in its realisation in all possible ways. We further recognise our responsibility to the Environment and are committed to comply with the requirements of Environmental legislation and related approved Codes of Practice.


The policies and practices of ED&B include incorporating into our projects recognised responsible sourcing of construction products. This policy includes the following goals: divert 85% of construction waste from landfill, purchase 10% (by cost) of construction materials regionally and purchase 10% (by cost) materials that include recycled materials.